Does Honey And Lemon Water Mix Help With Weight Loss?

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There are many traditional remedies or alternatives that have become quite popular in recent years. Some of them work extremely well; you just have to know how to do them correctly. Some of your choices include hectic diet plans, pills, juices, and more. A lot of people, however, rely on honey lemon water for weight loss. But the question is, how much do you know about lemon and honey water mix?

Many people struggle with weight loss and try numerous diet plans to achieve this goal. There is no single recipe for successfully losing weight. Whatever you do needs to be part of a healthy eating plan and exercise.

Honey Lemon Water Recipe for Weight Loss

Honey Lemon Water Recipe for Weight Loss

Honey Lemon water is an age-old tradition for weight loss. Now you wouldn’t think there’s a recipe for honey lemon water, but how else would you know how much lemon juice and honey in water for weight loss is required?

Mix one teaspoon of raw honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice in a glass of warm water (25 – 40 degrees).

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and after oily meals. This recipe’s highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity. It’s 100% natural and doesn’t cause any loss or decrease of energy or appetite.

Honey Lemon Water Benefits

Honey Lemon Water Benefits

Drinking honey water has many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Stimulates the Digestive system
  • Increases body energy
  • Burning calories
  • Helps cleanse your liver
  • Boost your immune system
  • Contains a great deal of Vitamin C, which augments energy.
  • Increases body temperature that augments your metabolic rate
  • Betters sight, voice and skin

Having warm lemon juice in the morning is a natural cleanser for the body. It flushes out toxins and removes excess acidity wastes.

Side Effects of Lemon with Honey in Warm Water

Side Effects of Lemon with Honey in Warm Water

Don’t think that lemon or honey water is perfect, like everything, it has flaws. Here are some side effects you need to keep in mind when using honey and lemon water to lose weight.

1. It can cause Tooth Erosion

Drinking a large amount of Lemon Honey Water every day causes the teeth to have a constant amount of acid washing over them. This may erode teeth enamel, making teeth sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks.

2. Heartburn

Located between your esophagus and stomach is the esophageal sphincter. Heartburn occurs when the esophageal sphincter becomes weak. It may happen when it is regularly exposed to acid – like when you drink lemon water daily. When your sphincter is weak, it may not close properly, leading to a backflow of gastric content.

3. Frequent Urination and Dehydration

Lemon water could have a diuretic effect. As lemons are high in Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, an increase in urine production in the kidneys could happen. This assists in eliminating wastes and sodium quicker.

Honey lemon water is a popular option for many people who want to become healthy and lose weight. While it has many benefits, it should be consumed in moderation.

When it comes to the question “Does honey and lemon water mix help with weight loss?” Many people would answer yes, but don’t just rely on it alone. To lose weight effectively, you should also start a workout routine and eat healthy.

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