Pre-Workout Boost: Espresso Vs. Caffeinated Gum?

Some athletes, body builders, and serious gym goers use supplements and dietary means to improve their performance and build muscles. Caffeine is a popular performance-enhancing food used by many of them.

There is a surprisingly common debate as to which one will work best for your workout- Espresso or caffeinated gum?

The Benefits of taking espresso before a workout

pre-workout coffee benefits

The Benefits of taking espresso before a workout –

You’d be surprised how many coffee pre-workout benefits you get when you add this to your exercise routine. This is due to its nootropic effects which manipulate your neurotransmitters to alter how your brain functions.

Coffee pre-workout benefits include helping you focus and burn fat. It’s been found that black coffee also has great benefits for the metabolism, causing it to work faster than usual.

Caffeine can definitely gives you a burst of energy and allows you to perform harder and faster.

When to Drink Coffee before Workout?

When to Drink Coffee before Workout

When to Drink Coffee before Workout –

It’s better to have coffee with your morning workout as it does stay in the body for seven hours. If you take a pre-workout coffee in the evening you risk having a difficult time sleeping.

How Much Caffeine Pre-workout?

How Much Caffeine to take before workout

How Much Caffeine Pre-workout –

To be safe, start with smaller amounts and watch how you react. You can always increase over time. You do not want a caffeine overload. If you’re new to caffeine, it’s suggested to start with 100mg or 200mg if you’re drinking coffee for its fat burning effects.

There are downsides to everything, and for caffeine, it’s that the body adapts over time. This means that you’ll start to require more in order for it to have an effect on you.

Is Coffee before gym good or bad?

should I take coffee before gym

Is Coffee before gym good or bad-

Coffee is a good thing to have before gym as it fuels your muscles. It has also been found to increase muscle glycogen –a type of carbohydrate –by 66%. It serves as an energy back-up during your workout. It helps with your pain and endurance to make you push harder.

Advantages of chewing caffeinated gum during a workout

caffeinated gum during a workout

Advantages of chewing caffeinated gum during a workout-

Caffeinated gum is another option for your pre-workout caffeine fix. It doesn’t have the exact benefits that coffee has but it does have a few.

Caffeinated gum improves power output/performance by 5.4%. It also increases testosterone production, reduces cortisol production, and reduces fatigue. Because the gum acts almost immediately, constantly chewing it during your workout can help with your performance and fight off fatigue.

Difference between Espresso and Caffeinated Gum

difference between coffee and caffeinated gum for workout

Difference between Espresso and Caffeinated Gum –

The average coffee contains 100mg of caffeine while most caffeinated gum products only have 50mg. This means you need to take two to meet the required amount for it to actually have an effect in your workout. The rule for taking caffeinated gum is similar to that of having regular coffee, as it is still caffeine at the end of the day.

Choosing the right performance booster

Caffeine is just one of many options that you can use individually or in combination with other supplements or foods to boost your performance. Ensure that you research any supplement first, even natural ones, and monitor how your body responds. It is best to start taking it in moderation and adjusting your intake as you monitor its effects.

The choice between espresso and caffeinated gum really depends on your preferences and needs. For some, the coffee pre-workout benefits are probably more than caffeinated gum. They would say coffee is the superior option. However, for those who don’t like coffee or want a quick boost, caffeinated gum is the better choice.


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