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How to Go on A Diet When You Hate Vegetables

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about dieting is choosing the right foods to lose weight. Vegetables would top any dieter’s list of foods to eat –and for good reasons. But what if you hate vegetables and need to lose weight?

Dieting is hard enough for people who aren’t very picky with food. Imagine how difficult it would be for people who love their meat and hate their greens.

If you’re 100% carnivore and need to slim down, don’t fret. Eating vegetables isn’t the only thing you could do to achieve your goal. Here’s how you can shed off the pounds without trying to love vegetables.

Count Calories

Count Calories –

A simplistic explanation behind the principle of losing weight is not exceeding your daily calorie limit. It’s very easy to go over your limit if you’re not conscious of how many calories are in your favorite dishes.

You’d be surprised to know that even the smallest foods could contain insane amounts of calories.

An average person needs about 2,000 to 2500 calories per day. To lose about a pound a week, you’d have to lower your daily calorie requirement to anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000. Of course, this will still depend on several factors such as your age, height, and activity level.

To start, have a list of foods to lose weight that you’d like to try and look at the calories they have. Vegetables aren’t the only foods that are low in calories. Consider adding seafood, tofu, and fruits in your diet.

Switch to Healthier Meat

Switch to Healthier Meat –

Protein is important for metabolism. If you’d like to rev up your metabolism, adding the right type of meat to your list of foods to lose weight is a good first step.

Now, not all meats are good for you. To trim down, you need to add healthy meat to your diet. Question is, what are examples of healthy meats?

Healthy meats are those that contain less fat than regular ones. Common kinds consumed by people who are trying to manage their weight are:

  • Chicken (without the skin)
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Turkey
  • Bison
  • Ostrich

Limit Carbohydrates

Limit Carbohydrates –

Too much carbohydrates could make you gain weight as those you don’t burn as energy are stored in the body as fat. In addition, your body digests carbohydrates and turn them into glucose –or what we all know as sugar. When glucose are stored, it’s turned into glycogen.

When there’s too much sugar in your body, not only are you at risk of Diabetes but you’re also at risk of gaining weight. How?

Glycogen stores a substantial amount of water. So, if you have high levels of glycogen in your body, it means you’re also storing water that’s not supposed to be there. You could gain an extra three to five pounds.

If you’re going on a diet, make sure to limit your carbohydrates in your list of foods to lose weight.

Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid Processed Foods –

Processed foods could easily rack up calories. Not only that, they’re also high in sodium, which isn’t good for you. To lose weight, avoid processed foods as much as you can.

Prepare your own meals and bring packed lunches to work. This way, you won’t have to be tempted to eat out.

Learning how to eat healthy when you don’t like vegetables isn’t difficult. The secret is to make a conscious effort to choose the right kinds of foods to take. Make a list of foods to lose weight and stick to it. And no, it doesn’t need to have veggies in it.


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