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5 Most Counterintuitive Health Tips that Actually Work

Most of the methods to improve your health are pretty straightforward, but those few that we will be looking at today are totally counterintuitive and even downright weird! But, despite how odd they may seem, they actually work like a charm. So sit tight:

Below are the top 5 strange-but-true ideas that have science on their side.

1. Ditch antibacterial soap to avoid illness

Killing germs seems like a reasonable way to prevent illnesses they cause, but using antibacterial soap puts you at risk of developing bacterial resistance in the long run. To make matters worse, being regularly exposed to certain ingredients in those soaps may cause undesired hormonal effects, as stated by FDA in 2013.

All in all, “antibacterial” soaps have not been proven to be neither safe nor more effective than regular soap for preventing infections. Antibacterial cleansers manufacturers are still to prove that their products are worth using — or even safe to use.

2. Don’t brush teeth after meals to keep them healthy

Despite what most of us believe to be “proper dental care”, brushing and flossing too often can do you more harm than good, and especially so if you brush immediately after having a meal or acidy drink, such as coffee or soda. The acidy components in foods and drinks erode your teeth’s enamel and the brushing that happens immediately afterward helps push the acid even deeper into your enamel (and the layer below it, dentin).

To protect your teeth surfaces, rinse your mouth out with water after the meal, then wait out at least 30 minutes before brushing.

3. Consume more calories to shed pounds

Focusing on ingesting fewer calories in every given meal is a common, but poor strategy for weight loss. Nutritious meals rich in proteins and good fats (think avocados, peanut butter, egg whites and such) are high in calories, indeed, but they help you feel full and stay satisfied for long — which means less snacking, no cheat meals, and no munching on fast carbs. Do not avoid good food — avoid tiny, nutritionally poor meals which spike your blood sugar and make you even hungrier than before (that’s right, fitness bars, we are looking at you!)

4. Drink more water to reduce bloating

One of the main causes of bloating is water retention — which, surprisingly, can be fixed by increasing your fluid intake. This may seem rather contradictory, but sometimes our bodies hold onto water when we are not well hydrated, and release fluids when we drink enough. So, when bloated, make sure to consume plenty of water as well as fresh fruits and vegetables which have a high water content. Staying hydrated is the key to keeping your body functioning its best!

5. Have coffee to improve your nap

Pairing coffee and sleep doesn’t seem like such a good idea, but the scientists agree that a so-called “coffee nap” beats both “just a coffee” and “just a nap” in giving a much-needed energy boost. As a result, coffee nap is quickly becoming a big thing. So how does it work?

After you’ve had a cup of coffee, the consumed caffeine takes more than 20 minutes to fully kick in; if you use this time to have a quick 20-30 minute nap, you will wake up refreshed, revived, and just at the right time to enjoy the caffeine boost at its fullest.

Ready to Give These Tips a Try?

Sometimes it is the weirdest behavior that gets the best results. A power nap is best taken after a caffeine appetizer; introduction of high-calorie meals helps in weight loss… Following these odd, but science-backed tips can contribute to your health and wellbeing!


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