Morning Vs. Evening: The Ideal Time for Your Workout to Burn More Fat

Many people often ask what’s the best time to workout, morning or evening? Time is just one factor that affects your workout performance. It’s still, however, one that’s important as both have different benefits and produce different results.

Let’s compare the two and you can decide best time to workout for you.

Advantages of a Good Morning Exercise

Advantages of a Good Morning Exercise –

A lot of fitness buff swear that your body burns more fat when you exercise in the morning. Why is this?

  1. Low Blood Sugar – Your blood sugar in the morning is low. With that level, your body searches for other energy sources and it starts converting fat to fuel.
  2. Fat-Burning Hormones – Cortisol, a known fat-burning hormone, is at much higher levels in the morning. Working out at the start of day helps you burn more fat.

So what are the benefits of working out in the morning?

  • You’re more likely to develop a routine when you work out in the morning.
  • In the morning, you’re more likely to actually do your workout because you may lose the desire to workout in the afternoon after a long day.
  • You’ll improve your mental health and increase your energy. These could help you get through the day. Movement is a great source of energy, which is something we need to start our day. Having a good morning exercise could improve your focus and mental abilities. It will do a much better job than caffeine.
  • A morning exercise routine can help enhance your personal discipline. When you get up every day to exercise and start your day earlier, it will soon be almost like a habit. Eventually, it will stick and would get easier over time. You’ll also find that your newfound discipline will show up in other aspects of your day-to-day life.

These are just some of the benefits of working out in the morning. Let’s compare this to the benefits of an evening exercise routine to determine when is the best time to workout.

Benefits of Working out at Night

Benefits of Working out at Night –

You know about working out during the day and the advantages it has, but what about working out at night? Is it the best time to workout? Let’s have a look.

  • In the evening, you workout harder. Because it’s already the end of the day and you haven’t just woken up, you can optimize your performance and push yourself further!
  • In the evening, you can workout longer. As you don’t have to rush to get to work afterwards, you can continue pushing your workout as long as you like, meaning you’ll reap the rewards faster.
  • You tone up faster. With all the harder and longer workouts you’re having at night, you’ll notice that your muscle function and strength are at peak levels at night. In the morning, muscle growth can be limited by cortisol. In the evening, however, testosterone actually promotes its growth.
  • You sleep more deeply. When you push yourself at the gym, you use up your remaining energy. When it’s time for bed, you’ll sleep peacefully.
  • You’ll enjoy calmer mornings. Because you workout at night, you won’t need to take your work stuff with you and add extra stress to your day. You can enjoy a proper breakfast and a relaxing morning.

Working out at night definitely has some beneficial elements to it. It gives you the chance to interact more with others in the gym as you’re not worried about getting to the office on time. It also doubles as a de-stressing activity, which is particularly beneficial when you had a bad day. These are often the reasons many prefer to work out in the evening.

Best time to Exercise

Best time to Exercise –

So when is the best time to workout? This is entirely up to you, your preference, and your goals.

Both have their benefits and it would be hard to say which one is the most effective time to workout for you. The reason is that while working out in the morning has better neurological benefits, it could take longer for you to develop body mass due to cortisol, which doesn’t help you build muscles as fast.

You’ll find, however, that even though you have a better chance of building muscles in the evening, developing a routine is a challenge. Many night-time gym goers would often skip gym because they’re already too tired or stressed out from work after a long day. Evening workouts often don’t lead to good discipline, which you can develop with morning exercises.

Finding the ideal time to workout also stems from your commitment to sticking to your schedule, not just the benefits each possesses.

The best time to workout is truly something only you can decide on. It should not only suit what you’re looking for, but what you’re capable of doing with your time. The most important thing is to have regular workout sessions during the week.