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20 Surprising Uses of Coca Cola

Coke was first introduced by a coca cola company in 1886. You may believe it or not but coke is undoubtedly the world’s favorite soft drink. And it is more useful than you might think.What you didn’t know is that is your favorite drink can be used for a lot more than just drinking. There are dozens of alternative uses for coca cola.But we are rarely aware of some surprising alternative uses of coca cola. These 20 uses of coca cola will tell you that how much it is surprising for you.

20.Make Flowers Last Longer

Make Flowers Last

Make Flowers Last

Yes, it’s true that coca cola can help the flower to last longer. Because of sugar in coca cola, it can help the beautiful and fresh flowers to hold on to the life for a little longer. To give bouquet a longer life then you just need to add a quarter cup of coca cola along with some water. This needs to be added in the vase in order to make the bouquet blooms the rest of the day. Don’t use more than quarter quantity of coca cola because if you use more coca cola then it can alsoresult in bad for you.


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