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20 foods known to cause cancer

In recent times a lot of chemicals are included in our daily diet due to the processing technology along with our habit of relying more on the fast food. Your regular diet can cause a number of cancers including the stomach, liver and uterus cancer .If you don’t change your eating habits which include foods with less fiber and fruits and more fats. You will learn about 20 food items you eat everyday which can cause cancer in this article which would be helpful for you as well as for the people around you.

20. Fermented Products



Fermented products have also been proven as cancer causing products. Fermentation is the process used in order to preserve the food for longer period of time. Fermented products include fermented milk, pickled vegetables and pickled fish and these products contain higher amount of proteins and amino acids. The N-nitroso compound found in these fermented products is actually the real threat to human health and it supports the cancerous activities going on in the human body. The intake of fermented products in higher amount can result in making you a cancer patient after few years which would be a dangerous situation for you and your family.