15 Things That Happen If You Run Every Day

“Baby we were born to run!” Bruce Springsteen knew it and so should you. Running is good for you and there are at least 10 great things that will happen to you if you start running just a few minutes every day. You don’t think much of twenty or thirty minutes in a day. You zone out for 30 minutes a day, wank for 20, or watch a show you tolerate for 30 minutes a day. On the other hand, spending 30 minutes a doing something productive and healthy is going to change your life for the better.

1. You will extend your life and make your heart healthy.

run for heart health

Heart problems are what’s most likely to kill you in life, so forget about terrorism, tornadoes and plane crashes. Statistically speaking, heart problems should have you worried. The good news is that running is excellent for your heart. Running will help the heart’s arterial walls become more elastic, which means you won’t need to to work so hard and so rough just to pump blood through your body. Running makes your heart stronger and more efficient and will actually help control your heart rate, keeping it at around 60 bmp, which is just right and about the average bmp for the experienced runner.

2. You will find yet another drug…a healthy drug!

Run out of fun stuff like pot, sugar and alcohol? Then try running as the next trip. When you run your body releases endorphins and dopamine, which helps you feel great. It’s been studied to improve food regular, mitigate depression and quite frankly, just make you feel high. It’s just about the healthiest way to get high and it will save you a fortune in having to buy prescription drugs for seasonal depression.

3. You will look better and your social life will improve.

running improves social life

Maybe it’s not fair but better looking people have all the luck. Running every day will improve your muscle tone, eventually dropping excess pounds, while building lean muscle tissue. You will burn fat and gradually build a body worthy of a supermodel. You’re also going to feel a jolt of confidence from having a better body and people tend to notice that.

4. You will have a sharper mind.

Is your head in the clouds? Maybe you just need better coordination, like running can give you. Trail running is very good at increasing your coordination, and not only because of beneficial physical effects, but also because you get practice in working your mind and avoiding obstacles like rocks and tree roots. You will gain better control over your footing, which will help you avoid tripping, stumbling and being a clumsy oaf in other aspects of your life.

5. You will build discipline.

The number one cause of unfulfilled ambition? Giving up, and that happens as the result of no discipline in your life. The fact is disciplining yourself in a running regiment will help you to become disciplined in other aspects of life. You will start to feel more confident and take a more serious approach to other hobbies and dreams. Some people even say that disciplining one’s self and giving up temporary pleasures in favor of staying on a steady course to what you actually want, can help you become happier in life.

6. You will boost your immune system and feel less fatigued.

boosting the immune system by running

You can give your immune system a boost by creating more lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that attack the intrusive virus. You also increase HDL (good cholesterol), use more of your lungs and reduce the chances of blood clots developing. You also get rid of that nasty feeling of fatigue that’s sometimes created because of poor health…and not exercising.

7. You can improve the strength of your bones and muscles.

Not exercising will eventually cause your bones to grow weaker. But running actually forces your bones and muscles to get stronger and healthier, since they must now accommodate the greater physical demands you put on your body from a good jog. The benefits are younger looking skin and in fact, when you run you promote natural growth hormone. The effects are so powerful, the medical industry has created a not so healthy injection based on HGH which supposedly helps battle aging.

8. You will fend off fatal diseases longer.

Running naturally prevents the chance of potentially fatal disease, and so much so that even after a diagnosis of diabetes, you are still advised to run for beneficial effects. You can reduce the risk of stroke, certain types of cancers, osteoporosis, hypertension and other diseases.

9. You will learn to de-stress.

Stress is something else that’s trying to kill you and even if it doesn’t give you heart trouble it can rob you of the joy of life, not to mentioning ruining your sleep and appetite. When you run, you give your body the gift of using up that excess energy and out of control hormones. This destresses you and also reduces tension headaches. Throw away those Tylenol pills!

10. You will make your girlfriend/wife very, very happy.

Runners are much better in bed than non-runners. And it’s not just because your girl would rather go to bed with a guy who looks like The Rock rather than Jonah Hill. Actually, researchers Colombia University have found that regular running, like any intensive form of exercise, increases blood flow to the genitals. This in turn raises your libido, which makes you last longer, be in the mood more often, and enjoy the climax a lot more. Sounds like a winner!

11. You will feel happier


12. You might damage your knees


13. You will get rid of the toxins in your body


14. You will sleep better


15. You will increase your lung capacity


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  • These are all beneficial and it is reiterated time and time again how exercising, proper diet and healthy lifestyle will benefit everyone.