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15 Science-backed Eating Habits that Prevent Cancer and Other Disease

We’ve all tried our share of fad ideas — those eating plans that tell you to “eat a banana with every meal” or “drink cayenne lemon water before bed.”

For the most part, these plans are nonsense. And there’s no basis to truth in the logic that one little tweak could change your entire level of health.

Or is there?

Perhaps the problem is more that the “tweaks” these diets recommend are the wrong ones. They’re emphasizing the wrong eating habits, but what if we could home in on the right habits?

The truth is that there are indeed many eating habits that have been proven to improve people’s health and wellness and prevent diseases like cancer. If you wanted, you could probably find hundreds of them. But for now, let’s focus on the top 15:

1. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated –

Often, being excessively thirsty can cause you to think that you’re hungry. Therefore, it’s important to drink enough water every day. People with the best drinking habits drink six to eight glasses of water every day (one glass equals roughly eight ounces). Remember that you can include non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated liquids like tea and milk in this daily total.