15 foods to avoid after a workout

Whether you’ve just finished a serious workout session at the gym, or just got back from a 5k run you will be in need of some food to replace the calories that you’ve burnt off and to help speed up muscle repair. You need to eat the right kinds of protein and carbohydrate rich foods such as grilled chicken, vegetables and whole-grain rather than foods that will wipe out all your hard work, right? So to help you make the right food choices here’s a list of 15 foods that you should avoid eating after a workout:

1. Raw vegetables

Raw Or Cooked Vegetables Better? -

Raw Or Cooked Vegetables Better? –

We all know that vegetables are extremely good for our health so it might seem like odd that the general rule of thumb is that you should avoid eating raw vegetables after exercise. Vegetables like carrots, celery and broccoli all work well as a healthy, low-fat,snack, but they work better when they are cooked and eaten in combination with other healthy foods after a workout. In their raw state, vegetables don’t provide enough fuel or calories to help our bodies restore our energy and metabolism that’s lost during exercise. But if you do prefer to eat them raw then bulk it up by dipping the veg into some protein rich, healthydips like natural yogurt.