15 Celebrity Diets – Weird But Healthy Things Celebrities Eat

As people have grown more health and weight-conscious, they have learned to settle with grilled cheese, hams and chicken fingers to steamed fish and salads. Many folks follow their favorite celebrities when it comes to weight loss. It’s because celebrities are on a cutting edge when it comes to rigorous diet trends. Sometimes, their eating patterns include healthy but weird, unappetizing, and scary foods.
From Hollywood divas that thrive on baby food to youth icons that booze up to shed calories, these superstars have raved about strange health foods that can bring a drastic change in their bodies.
Here’s a look at 15 bizarre but healthy foods that were made famous by the celebrities.

Carrots and Almonds – Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman, known for her sensational performance in Black Swan, shed about 20 pounds by munching on carrots and almonds. This helped her maintain her slim and toned ballerina-like figure all-year round.
Carrots are rich in nutrients and low on calories. They are natural appetite suppressors that can keep you full for a long time. Secondly, almonds are rich in proteins. Adding almonds to yogurt, salad or pasta makes the food heavier. Thus, you’ll feel fuller when you take them.