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14 Foods That Make You Age Fast

You are what you eat, so in theory if you’re old and haggard before your time, you are the unhealthy foods you have taken in. Of course, the biggest problem is that we always send mixed messages to consumers, about what seems fun to eat, and what is actually poisonous to you. We won’t bother talking about how street drugs and cigarettes make you look 50, because that’s at least one thing the mainstream media has right. On the other hand, no one has the guts to tell you to your face that the stuff you might already be eating is what’s making you look 20 years ahead of your time.

1. Fast Food

Fast food from all your favorite chain restaurants is perhaps the most toxic thing the FDA allows you to eat. And one step below this is probably radioactive green goo, quite frankly. Fast food with trans fat will make your skin look stiff, inflexible and very rocky. Trans-fats clog the arteries and the smaller blood vessels making your heart work overtime just to get you through the day.


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