15 Unexpected Uses of Lemons – #9 is interesting

Why do lemons get such a bad reputation? Usually, when people buy a car that turns out to be a piece of junk, they often refer to it as ‘being sold a lemon.’ Also, there are many references about life giving you lemons when bad things happen to someone. Ironically, lemons have countless of great uses for them and can be used to help you around the house in so many ways. After reading this awesome list of what you can do with lemons, you will want to keep them in your kitchen everyday. Uses for lemons are so versatile that we could have included 30 items in the list, but we choose the 15 most interesting ones!

When life gives you lemons… here are 15 uses for them.

Refrigerator Freshener

lemon and cotton balls to keep fridge odors away - uses of lemons

Many people use baking soda in their refrigerators as a way to help them remove bad odors or smells. However, lemon can work even better when it comes to removing unpleasant smells in your fridge. You can take some lemon juice and use a cotton ball or a sponge to absorb it. Place the lemon soaked item in the refrigerator for several hours so it can counter the odors you’re trying to get rid of. You can also do the same for your trash cans as a way to get rid of unpleasant odors there. Read on to find out more awesome lemon uses.



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